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Discover the capabilities and value of Mutoh sublimation printers with our focused Mutoh sublimation printers reviews, focused specifically on the Mutoh 44” RJ-900X. We examine its print quality, media compatibility, and overall cost efficiency to give you the insights you need. Whether for architectural designs or vibrant graphics, this review provides a clear verdict on the printer’s performance. Read on to learn more about the Mutoh 44″ RJ-900X. You can also read our article on a comparison of Mutoh printers.

Key Takeaways

  • The Mutoh RJ-900X is a versatile 44-inch dye sublimation printer designed for professional quality output in fields like architecture, engineering, CAD, and reproduces high-quality graphics with options for third-party inks due to its open-source model.
  • Ease of setup is prioritized with a comprehensive installation manual and a user-friendly driver interface, while the printer’s design complements professional environments. Performance is characterized by high-speed capabilities and intelligent features like i2 technology to enhance print quality.
  • The RJ-900X stands out for maintaining efficiency even with various ink sets and is presented as a solid choice within its market segment, competing with wide format printers on both cost and performance, though businesses must consider operational costs and ink prices to assess its overall value.

Unveiling the Mutoh 44″ RJ-900X

Dye sublimation process

The Mutoh RJ-900X is an industrial-grade dye sublimation printer with the following features:

  • Maximum media width of 44 inches
  • Focuses on professional quality outputs, primarily in architectural, engineering, and CAD applications
  • Compatibility with various ink sets, providing users with the flexibility to choose their preferred inks for different tasks

Interestingly, Mutoh markets the RJ-900X as an open-source printer without ink chips, implying users can use third-party inks. While this offers greater adaptability, it also shifts the warranty coverage for ink delivery to resellers or ink suppliers. A bold move indeed, and one that we’ll examine in more depth later.

The printer’s high-resolution capabilities and wide color gamut cater to professionals in fields like:

  • architectural
  • engineering
  • construction
  • mechanical design
  • GIS

These fields require high quality graphics for accurate and visually appealing results, which is why making a smart printer choice, such as large format printers, is essential in these industries.

These professionals demand precision and professional presentation in their print work. But does the Mutoh RJ-900X truly deliver on these promises? Let’s move on to the setup process and find out.

Setting Up the Mutoh 44″ RJ-900X

Instructions displayed on a computer screen

Setting up the Mutoh RJ-900X involves unpacking the printer, removing protective materials, and confirming all bundled items are present. A detailed installation manual is provided, containing instructions and a flow chart to guide users through the setup process. This comprehensive guide ensures a smooth and foolproof setup experience.

Aesthetics and Durability of the Mutoh 44″ RJ-900X

The Mutoh 44’ RJ-900X boasts a modern design with a sleek black and white aesthetic, complementing various work environments, including those with custom interior designs and trade show graphics. Its contemporary look not only provides a visually pleasing experience but also speaks to the advanced features housed within.

Navigating the Mutoh 44″ RJ-900X

The Mutoh 44” RJ-900X’s installation manual provides guidance on the printer driver interface, ensuring users can navigate the control features effectively. It’s clear that Mutoh has designed the printer with user-friendliness in mind, simplifying the learning curve for new users.

Testing the Mutoh 44″ RJ-900X Performance

A printer is seen under a miscroscope

The Mutoh 44” RJ-900X printer features:

  • Initial design for architectural and CAD applications
  • Adaptation for high-quality dye sublimation output
  • Improved paper handling with a new pressure roller control feature
  • Enhanced media management and smoother operation

In practical usage, the Mutoh 44” RJ-900X has been found to meet users’ printing needs, although the ink drying time requires careful consideration. Now, let’s delve further into the print quality and speed and efficiency of this printer.

Print Quality Analysis

The Mutoh 44” RJ-900X printer features:

  • DX-5 print head with 4 color sections and 360 nozzles per color
  • High-resolution printing up to 2880 dpi
  • Superior line sharpness and photo quality
  • Continuous tones and smooth transitions across a wide color gamut

Furthermore, the printer harnesses Intelligent Interweave (i2) technology, designed to eliminate banding, thus improving print consistency and overall quality. This innovative feature ensures that your prints achieve quality, regardless of the complexity or color range of the design, and contributes to easy material handling, making it perfect for printing sports uniforms.

While these key features are impressive, it’s crucial to consider how they translate into real-world performance. Let’s now take a look at the speed and efficiency of the Mutoh 44” RJ-900X.

Speed and Efficiency Assessment

The Mutoh RJ-900X showcases high-speed printing capabilities, with an impressive print speed of 676 square feet/hour at 360 dpi. This feature makes it an excellent choice for businesses that need to process large volumes of prints in a short time.

Compatibility with different ink sets, including metallic ink, allows users to adapt the printer for varying speed and efficiency requirements. By using rip software, you can further optimize the printer’s performance.

The Final Word on the Mutoh 44″ RJ-900X

Picture of a brass weighing scale

The Mutoh RJ-900X competes in the market with wide format printers like the Epson F6200 and the Roland XT640.

Considering the competitive alternatives, the Mutoh ValueJet RJ-900X’s value for money must be assessed based on the initial purchase price and ongoing operational costs, such as ink. By balancing these factors, businesses can make an informed decision on whether this printer is the right fit for them.

In conclusion, the Mutoh RJ-900X offers a solid choice within its market segment, balancing cost with performance when compared to alternatives like the Epson F6070 and Epson P8000. But does the Mutoh RJ-900X truly deliver the value it promises? Let’s sum up our findings.


After an exhaustive review, the Mutoh 44” RJ-900X stands out as a reliable and versatile large format printer, designed with the needs of professionals in mind. Its high-resolution capabilities, advanced features, and high-speed printing are commendable. However, the consideration of ink drying time are aspects that users should keep in mind.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Mutoh 44” RJ-900X holds its own against competitors, offering a balance of cost and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What printers can be converted for sublimation?

You can convert inkjet printers for sublimation, such as the Epson EcoTank ET-2400, ET-2800, ET-2803, ET-2850. These printers are suitable for sublimation printing.

Does Epson have a sublimation printer?

Yes, Epson offers sublimation printers in the SureColor series, but for beginners on a budget, it might be advised to purchase an Epson EcoTank, Workforce, or Expression series printer and convert it for sublimation printing instead.

What printer is best for sublimation?

For sublimation printing, the best printer options are the Sawgrass SG500 and Epson SureColor SC-F170. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, catering to different needs and preferences.

Is Mutoh a good brand?

Yes, Mutoh is a well-known name in the commercial printing industry and has a reputation for producing high-quality yet affordable printers.

What are the key features of the Mutoh 44″ RJ-900X?

The Mutoh 44″ RJ-900X features high-resolution printing up to 2880 dpi, superior line sharpness, and a wide color gamut, along with Intelligent Interweave (i2) technology for improved print consistency and quality.