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This guide will walk you through the process, from gathering materials to the final assembly. Whether you have a sublimation printer or are using Cricut Infusible Ink, we’ll cover all the steps you need to create stunning custom earrings. It’s a common question, and I’ve found people asking about it on Pinterest too, so I thought I’d create a guide on it for you folks! Let’s dive into the world of sublimation earrings and get started on your next creative project!

Key Takeaways

  • Materials and Equipment: You’ll need a sublimation printer or Cricut Infusible Ink, a heat press, sublimation blanks (earrings), sublimation ink, and design software.
  • Process Overview: The steps include designing your earrings, printing the design, and transferring it onto the blanks using a heat press.
  • Creative Potential: Sublimation allows for vibrant, custom designs that make your earrings stand out, perfect for personal use or gifts.

Materials Needed for Earrings

Sublimation materials including printer, heat press, and blanks

Before we start creating our custom sublimation earrings, let’s gather all the necessary materials. First, we will need either a sublimation printer or Cricut Infusible Ink. A sublimation printer is ideal for high-quality prints, but Cricut Infusible Ink can be a great alternative if you don’t have one. A heat press is an absolute must for transferring your designs onto the earring blanks. Make sure it’s suitable for small items like earrings.

Sublimation Blanks

For the blanks, choose high-quality sublimation blanks specifically designed for earrings. I would look for ones that are typically made from materials like aluminum or MDF that can withstand high heat. [1] We will then arrange for sublimation ink and paper, which are necessary if we decide to use a sublimation printer. These specialized products ensure the designs that we create come out vibrant and durable.

Design Software

Creating a colorful earring design in design software

Next, you’ll need design software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or Cricut Design Space. These programs will help you create and adjust your designs to fit the earring blanks perfectly. I think all these software options are excellent options. We will also need heat-resistant tape as. it secures the design in place on the blank, preventing any movement during the heat press process.

Other Accessories

Don’t forget additional accessories like earring hooks, jump rings, and pliers, which are needed to assemble your earrings after the sublimation process. Having these on hand will help guide us in completing the project smoothly.

Preparing Your Workspace for Your Custom Earrings

Let’s make sure our workspace is clean and organized before we begin. Dust and debris can affect the quality of your sublimation process, so it’s crucial to work in a tidy area. We first begin by preheating the heat press to the recommended temperature for sublimation earrings, usually around 400°F. Preheating ensures even heat distribution and better transfer results. For safety, we will be sure to wear heat-resistant gloves to protect our hands when handling hot materials, Wearing safety glasses for eye protection is also a great idea!

Design and Printing the Custom Earrings

Sublimation printer printing a colorful earring design

Hey are you ready to move on to the exciting part – designing your earrings. We will use the design software we chose create or customize the earring designs, making sure the designs are mirrored so they transfer correctly. Next step is to adjust the size of the design to fit the earring blanks perfectly. Once your design is ready, its time for us to load your sublimation paper into the printer and print your design. Let’s ensure the printer settings are optimized for sublimation printing, including the correct paper type and quality settings. We are getting close to finishing up those beautiful earrings folks!

Applying the Design to the Earrings

Heat press transferring a design onto blank earrings

With the design printed, it’s time for us prepare the blanks. I would start by cleaning the surface of the earring blanks to remove any dust or oils, ensuring the sublimation ink adheres properly. Positioning the printed design face down on the blank and securing it with heat-resistant tape would be my next step. This will prevent any movement during the pressing process.

Then I would place the secured blank in the heat press, applying medium pressure and heat for the recommended time, typically around 60 seconds. We then carefully remove the blank from the heat press and let it cool before peeling off the paper.

Applying Those Finishing Touches

Close-up of a finished sublimation earring on a table

Once the blanks have cooled, I would go about attaching the earring hooks and other accessories using pliers. We must make sure all components are securely fastened and inspect the finished earrings for any imperfections and clean them with a soft cloth to remove any residues. To maintain their vibrancy and durability, we should always store your earrings in a cool, dry place and avoid exposing them to water or harsh chemicals.

By following these detailed steps and using the right materials, we can create stunning sublimation earrings that are both personal and professional-looking. 


I hope you enjoyed my guide on creating sublimation earrings. I believe creating custom sublimation earrings is a fun and rewarding process that allows you to express your creativity. By gathering the right materials, preparing your workspace, and following the detailed steps for designing, printing, and pressing, you can definitely produce stunning, personalized earrings. Whether you’re making them for yourself, as gifts, or to sell, the process is straightforward and enjoyable. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different designs and techniques to make each pair unique. Happy crafting, and enjoy your beautiful new earrings!


What temperature and time should I use to sublimate earrings?

The ideal temperature for sublimation earrings is typically around 400°F, with a pressing time of about 60 seconds. However, it’s always a good idea to check the manufacturer’s guidelines for the specific blanks you’re using.

Can I make sublimation earrings without a sublimation printer?

Yes, you can use Cricut Infusible Ink as an alternative to a sublimation printer. This method allows you to create vibrant designs without needing a dedicated sublimation printer.

What types of designs work best for sublimation earrings?

Bright, bold designs with clear, crisp lines tend to work best for sublimation earrings. Avoid overly intricate patterns that might lose detail during the transfer process.

How do I care for my sublimation earrings?

To keep your sublimation earrings looking their best, store them in a cool, dry place and avoid exposure to water or harsh chemicals. Clean them gently with a soft cloth to maintain their vibrancy.


  1. Czerwinski, Frank. “Thermal Stability of Aluminum Alloys.” Materials, vol. 13, no. 15, 4 Aug. 2020, p. 3441, https://doi.org/10.3390/ma13153441.

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