Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Are you sublimation geeks struggling with sublimation blurriness? There are several reasons ‘why is my sublimation blurry’, including issues with pressure, heat, and more.
When your shrink wrap turns to goo, sublimation projects can quickly go from exciting to exasperating. If you’re grappling with the question ‘why is my shrink wrap melting sublimation,’ the solutions are right here in front of you!
Dealing with tape marks on sublimation tumbler can be frustrating, but you’re not left without help.
If your green sublimation prints are mysteriously turning blue, fret not! You’re not alone and we have your problem covered.
Struggling with a sublimation printer that doesn’t produce the right colors can be perplexing, leaving you wondering, “why is my sublimation printer not printing correct colors?”
Are you concerned about ‘why is my sublimation printer not printing?’ Look no further as we tackle the typical issues—from setup mistakes to ink errors—and offers you clear, actionable steps for troubleshooting.
Are you facing sublimation tumbler problems such as unwanted fading or ghosting? Fret not! This guide is crafted just for you!
Encountering “sublimation paper sticking to tumbler” can disrupt your crafting flow and result in less-than-ideal prints. If you are faced with this frustration, worry not as we have got you covered!
If you are frustrated about “why is my sublimation printer printing lines?”, you’re not alone. This common frustration can be caused by several factors, including clogged printheads, incorrect print settings, or lack of regular maintenance.
Encountering a clog in your sublimation printer is no doubt a frustrating experience. You’re searching for a solution, and we’ve got it!