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Deciding which Mutoh sublimation printer to buy? Cut straight to the chase with our concise reviews comparing key models like the RJ-900X, XpertJet 1642WR Pro, and 1682WR. Learn their strengths, weaknesses, and value for your specific printing needs—all clearly laid out to streamline your decision.

Snapshot of Featured Mutoh Sublimation Printers

Let’s take a quick look at the three standout Mutoh sublimation printers we’ll be exploring today:

  1. For those just starting their printing journey, the Mutoh RJ-900X is a fantastic entry point.
  2. If you’re a seasoned professional looking to up your game, the Mutoh XpertJet 1642WR Pro might be your best bet.
  3. And for those in need of a workhorse capable of high-quality printing, the Mutoh XpertJet 1682WR is the printer to beat.

Dive into Mutoh RJ-900X – Best for Beginners

Row of several printers in a factory space


  • Maximum media size up to 44 inches
  • High-resolution printing up to 2880 dpi for exceptional photo quality
  • High-speed printing capability of 676 sq/ft/hr at 360 dpi with impressive color print speeds
  • Supports various print resolutions to cater to different printing needs


  • User-friendly design
  • High-quality output
  • Versatile range of print resolutions


  • Limited to four color printing with a CMYK printer
  • Not ideal for large-scale industrial printing

The Mutoh RJ-900X offers the following features:

  • User-friendly design
  • High-quality output
  • High-resolution printing for sharp lines and detailed images
  • Versatility with a wide range of print resolutions

This makes it a dream come true for beginners stepping into the world of printing, as it offers smooth transitions between an ideal balance of performance and ease of use. Beginners can also experiment with different print resolutions to find their sweet spot between speed and quality.

However, the RJ-900X does have its limitations. The printer is limited to four colors, which may not be sufficient for some complex projects. Also, if you’re looking for a printer for large-scale industrial printing, the RJ-900X might not be the best fit. Despite these minor drawbacks, the RJ-900X remains a highly recommended choice for beginners, earning high praise for its exceptional print quality and user-friendliness.

Unpacking the Mutoh XpertJet 1642WR Pro – Best for Professional Use

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  • 64-inch printing width
  • High-speed printing with MUTOH AccuFine print heads
  • Compatible with a variety of materials
  • four colors printer


  • High density colors with reduced ink consumption
  • Fast drying times
  • Real-time monitoring and email notifications via Mutoh Status Monitor system
  • Continuous tones for a smooth and vibrant print quality
  • faster print speed than 1682WR


  • High initial cost
  • Requires professional handling and maintenance

The Mutoh XpertJet 1642WR Pro is a professional’s dream come true. This high-speed dye-sublimation inkjet printer offers exceptional performance with its improved dot accuracy and faster printing speeds. It is ideal for creating apparel promotional items flags, as well as:

  • Trade show graphics
  • Banners
  • Custom interior designs
  • Apparel
  • Sports uniforms

Designed to handle a variety of materials, this industrial designed printer is versatile and reliable.

Despite its high initial cost, the XpertJet 1642WR Pro offers a great return on investment with its high density colors and reduced ink consumption. The quick drying times further enhance its efficiency, making it a reliable choice for professionals. However, this printer requires professional handling and maintenance, which could be a downside for some users. But with its real-time monitoring and email notifications, managing the printer’s performance becomes significantly easier.

All in all, the XpertJet 1642WR Pro is a worthwhile investment for professionals looking to produce high-quality graphics at a rapid pace.

Exploring the Mutoh XpertJet 1682WR – Best for High-Quality Printing

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  • Dual-head, high-speed water-based inkjet system
  • Large capacity ink bags available in 1,000ml or 2,200ml sizes from a reliable seller or ink supplier
  • Significant 1625 mm / 64” printing width
  • Ink delivery warranty included
  • Eight colors fluorescent printer (more colors/wider color range than the 1642WR)


  • Enhanced media feed stability
  • Deep blacks and a wide color gamut with SubliMate™ Dye Sub Ink, featuring ink chips for improved performance
  • Reliable and precise with ‘Made in Japan Quality’ and superior line sharpness
  • Higher quality prints than 1642WR


  • High initial cost
  • Requires professional maintenance

The Mutoh XpertJet 1682WR is a powerhouse of a printer, designed for high-volume printing. It offers the following features:

  • Dual-head, high-speed water-based inkjet system
  • Large capacity ink bags
  • 64-inch printing width
  • Versatility to handle a range of media types

This high quality professional printer is a top-selling printer, built to handle heavy-duty printing tasks with ease, making it a versatile choice for businesses of all sizes.

The XpertJet 1682WR’s ‘Multi-stage pressurizing system’ ensures enhanced media feed stability, a crucial feature when dealing with various media types in high-volume printing. The SubliMate™ Dye Sub Ink delivers deep blacks and a wide color gamut, enhancing the print quality on a variety of substrates. However, the printer does come with a high initial cost and requires professional maintenance. But given its robust performance and reliability, the XpertJet 1682WR is a worthwhile investment for businesses looking for a high-volume printing solution.

Pros of the Mutoh XpertJet 1682WR

The XpertJet 1682WR stands out with its impressive features:

  • DropMaster technology that eliminates the need for media-dependent printer adjustments, streamlining the printing process
  • Media selection lever that allows for precise adjustment of media pressure in 4 steps, accommodating various media types
  • Versatility that is a major advantage in high-volume environments where different print jobs are common

These features make the XpertJet 1682WR a highly efficient and versatile printer.

Another key pro of the XpertJet 1682WR is its new media flange design, which simplifies the process of replacing media paper rolls. This enhancement contributes to the overall ease of use in a high-volume setting. Furthermore, the XpertJet 1682WR features user-friendly wiper replacement and streamlined maintenance, ensuring ongoing efficiency in high-volume printing operations.

Cons of the Mutoh XpertJet 1682WR

While the XpertJet 1682WR offers a plethora of benefits, it’s important to consider its potential downsides. One of its main cons is the high initial cost, which might be a deterrent for some businesses. Additionally, maintaining this printer requires professional expertise, adding to its overall cost of ownership. However, given its robust performance and high-volume printing capabilities, these drawbacks can be easily outweighed by the benefits it offers.

Navigating Your Purchase – A Buyer’s Guide to Mutoh Sublimation Printers

Image of flag that can be created by sublimation printer

Choosing the right Mutoh sublimation printer for your needs requires careful consideration of several factors. First, take a look at the technical specifications of each printer. Consider factors like onboard memory, power consumption, and compatibility with open ink and RIP software architectures. The printer’s operational requirements, including the environmental range of temperature and humidity, are also crucial.

Another important aspect to consider is the total cost of ownership, which includes:

  • The initial purchase price
  • The availability and cost of MUTOH original dye-sublimation transfer ink
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Potential future upgrades

Also, decide whether a mid-format or wide-format printer would be more beneficial based on your intended applications.

Lastly, don’t forget to investigate the warranty and support services offered by manufacturers or resellers. On-site service and training, as well as long-term support, can make a huge difference in your printing operations. By considering all these aspects, you can ensure that your investment in a Mutoh sublimation printer meets your business or hobby needs.

About Mutoh

Mutoh Industries, a leading manufacturer in the printing industry, has been delivering innovative solutions since its inception. Known for their high-quality, durable, and versatile printers, Mutoh’s products cater to a wide array of printing needs. From the budding entrepreneur to the seasoned print shop owner, Mutoh’s range of sublimation printers, such as the RJ-900X, XpertJet 1642WR Pro, and 1682WR, offer precision, efficiency, and reliability. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Mutoh continues to be a go-to brand for professionals looking to produce superior prints with ease.


In conclusion, Mutoh sublimation printers offer a range of solutions to meet different printing needs. Whether you’re a beginner, a seasoned professional, or a business in need of a high-volume printing solution, Mutoh has a printer to cater to your specific requirements. With their superior print quality, high-speed performance, and user-friendly features, Mutoh printers are a worthy investment for anyone looking to produce high-quality prints.

However, choosing the right printer requires careful consideration of your specific needs, budget, and long-term goals. By keeping the factors discussed in this guide in mind, you can ensure that your investment in a Mutoh printer brings you the desired results. So, take the leap and embrace the world of high-quality printing with Mutoh! If you are in the search for sublimation alternatives, why not check out my guide on comparisons between DTF and sublimation?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mutoh a good brand?

Yes, Mutoh is a reputable brand known for producing high-quality and affordable commercial printers across various categories.

How do I know if my printer can sublimate?

If your printer uses a Micro Piezo printing head, such as those found in Epson or Ricoh inkjet printers, then it can be used for sublimation printing. You can determine if your printer is suitable by checking its printing head technology.

What is better than a sublimation printer?

DTG printing is better than a sublimation printer when working with dark or black colors. It is also more suitable for natural fabrics due to better ink binding.

What makes the Mutoh RJ-900X suitable for beginners?

The Mutoh RJ-900X is suitable for beginners because of its user-friendly design, high-quality output, and a wide range of print resolutions that allow for experimentation. This makes it ideal for those starting out in the printing industry.

Why is the Mutoh XpertJet 1642WR Pro recommended for professional use?

The Mutoh XpertJet 1642WR Pro is recommended for professional use because it offers exceptional performance, improved dot accuracy, faster printing speeds, and is designed to handle a variety of materials, making it an ideal choice for producing high-quality graphics.